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Online Video Bilingual Subtitle Translation Function Introduction

Immersive Translate Extension provides free online video bilingual subtitle translation service, supporting a broad spectrum of mainstream video platforms (YouTube, Netflix, Twitter, HBO Max, Vimeo, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, Bloomberg, Nebula, Bilibili, TED, and dozens of other mainstream video sites with the list continuously expanding). It supports bilingual subtitle translation in dozens of languages and displays them in real-time according to the video process. For example, you can watch YouTube and Netflix videos with Spanish and English subtitles, and subtitles are automatically generated and translated in real-time. Bilingual subtitle control will take you across the language barrier and connect you with ideas in various languages all over the world.

Supported Sites

youtubecourseraTEDkhanAcademyedxnetflixskillsharebloombergBBCcodewithchrishuluvimeobilibiliudemyoutsightcreativeclouddisneyplusnebulahbomaxappleDevelopermubiARDdomestikaeggheadmindvalleyartstationzdfmasterclassnmaitvfrontend Masters
All Supported Sites


Fast and Convenient
Get nearly instantanious translation of video subtitles to help you quickly understand the content of foreign language videos.
Multi-language Support
No longer limited to a single subtitle language provided by the video station, multiple language pairs are supported for translation.
Simple and Easy to Use
The extension is easy to use, check the box "Automatically turn on bilingual subtitles" and watch videos with bilingual subtitles anytime and anywhere.
Cross-platform Compatibility
Except for some video stations that do not support mobile subtitles, the extension supports multi-end use (e.g., cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.).

Usage Scenarios

Language learners can improve their language skills by watching the original video content, with real-time translation to aid comprehension.
Online Education
Students can watch educational videos in other languages and better understand course content through bilingual subtitles.
Movie and TV Show Catch-up
When viewers watch foreign language movies and TV shows, the software translates them into bilingual subtitles in real time so no one is limited by a language barrier.
Intercultural Exchange
People can use the software to watch video content from other cultures and countries, promoting cultural understanding and exchange.
Travel Preparation
Travelers can learn about local culture and language habits in advance by watching video content from the destination country.
News Story
Users can watch foreign news reports and current affairs programs even if they do not provide subtitles in the local language.
Business Research
Corporate researchers can watch advertisements and promotional videos from foreign markets to better understand competitors and market dynamics.

How to use

1. Install the plug-in.

More installation details can be found at here

2. Check "Automatically turn on bilingual subtitles".

3. Turn on the subtitles at the video station.

4. Using Immersive Translate.

Immersive Translate supports multiple platforms, get started now!