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Scenarios for Immersive Translate
A Day in the Life of Xiao Zhang

We hope that through Xiao Zhang's story, we can show you more usage scenarios so that Immersive Translate can provide more value in your work and daily life.

8:00 Reading bilingual news

Xiao Zhang begins his day by cultivating the habit of accessing firsthand information from globally recognized media sources, including Reuters, The New York Times, The Economist, and The Atlantic—frequent destinations for his news updates via his go-to platforms for foreign content navigation: and Thanks to the paragraph bilingual comparison feature in Immersive Translate, his reading efficiency has greatly improved. When faced with subpar translation, he can seamlessly refer to the original text to better understand the information.

9:00 Utilizing the "Input Box Translation" feature

The input box translation feature of Immersive Translate has brought great convenience to Xiao Zhang. He only needs to enter a Chinese question in the Google search box, then triple-click the spacebar, and the question in the search box will be immediately translated into English. Coupled with the bilingual translation of search results, Xiao Zhang's efficiency in searching for information has reached unprecedented heights!

10:00 Conversing via ChatGPT

In this era of AI, Zhang spends each day conversing on platforms like ChatGPT, Bard, Discord, and Telegram engaging with both machines and real people. Thanks to Immersive Translate, any webpage's input box transforms into a robust multilingual translator. Zhang's Chinese queries are swiftly translated into English and sent to ChatGPT where the responses from ChatGPT are seamlessly translated back into Chinese in real-time.

11:00 Obtaining global financial information

At work, Xiao Zhang prefers to use the desktop version of the Chrome browser to access the latest global financial and technological information. He closely follows exclusive news from financial media such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. Recently, he has been paying attention to the performance of Nvidia and Bitcoin, both of which have been quite impressive. With the help of Immersive Translate, he can effortlessly read various financial reports, announcements, and research papers in both languages, allowing him to stay ahead and obtain important financial information before others.

12:30 Catching up on overseas social media highlights

During breaks, Xiao Zhang uses Immersive Translate on his mobile device (such as Safari browser on iOS or Firefox browser on Android). He browses international mainstream social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, engaging in discussions with global thought leaders. He accurately captures every important piece of information, ensuring that he stays at the forefront of knowledge.

15:30 Searching for knowledge with Wikipedia

Xiao Zhang has also noticed that the quality of English Wikipedia is much higher than that of other languages. Therefore, he frequently utilizes both languages to acquire any knowledge of interest on English Wikipedia, whether he has specific tasks at hand or not.

16:00 Unlocking PDF real-time translation

Sometimes, Xiao Zhang reads the latest PDF papers on arXiv. With the innovative real-time translation feature of Immersive Translate for PDF files, he can instantly grasp the latest academic news.

20:00 Reading bilingual e-books

Zhang is also passionate about reading. He often explores the latest books on GoodReads, checking reviews and patiently waiting for the Chinese versions of these foreign language books to be available. However, starting last month, he has been able to directly purchase the English version of Chip War (Chinese title: 芯片战争) from Google Books. He then seamlessly uploads it to Immersive Translate, exports it to his Kindle, and begins reading the bilingual e-book.

21:00 Watching multilingual series, browsing YouTube, and enjoying Ted Talks!

Sometimes, Zhang also follows American TV shows. Previously, he had to patiently wait for subtitle groups to translate, but now he can use Immersive Translate to generate bilingual subtitles for any subtitle file with just a click, allowing him to keep up with global audiences. Immersive Translate also thoughtfully supports real-time translation of subtitles for YouTube online videos. Xiao Zhang can watch Ted Talks on YouTube, interact with other viewers in the comment section, and enjoy American TV shows with synchronized bilingual subtitles, eliminating the need of waiting.

23:00 Enjoying online shopping before bed

The annual Black Friday shopping event is Zhang's most anticipated global online shopping extravaganza. He thoroughly researches the features, prices, and real user reviews of each product on Amazon and eBay. Immersive Translate makes everything easy, helping Zhang make the most cost-effective shopping decisions.