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Translation Services API Request

Immersive Translate Extension supports a lot of translation services, some of them require you to apply for the API key of the corresponding service before you can use them, I have compiled the following application tutorials for the services from the web, if there are any omissions or not updated in time, please feel free to click the upper right corner to edit these pages.

Discussions related to the Translation Service API can be held here.

Interpretation Service

  1. Deepl
  2. Caiyun Xiaoyi
  3. Tencent Translator
  4. Volcano Engine
  5. Baidu Translate
  6. OpenL
  7. Niu Translation
  8. Youdao Translator
  9. Microsoft Translate

Statement denying or limiting responsibility

All of the above translation service fees are charged by the service provider and have nothing to do with this extension.

Please pay attention to the free amount of each service provider to avoid unexpected chargebacks.

A brief note on the number of characters

The number of characters is calculated based on the length of the characters in the translated source language.Spaces, punctuation, etc. are counted as characters.For most services a Chinese character, English letter, punctuation mark, line break, etc. is counted as a character.This tweet from Musk, for example, has 32 words and 196 characters.

To be clear, I'm not someone who thinks lots of government agencies should be abolished (maybe a few), but we should always question our institutions, as this strengthens the bedrock of democracy. institutions, as this strengthens the bedrock of democracy.

Such a long article that seems hard to read:Algorithms Unlocked: How They're Shaping Our Everyday Lives | by Two Techie Vibes | Jan, 2023 | Medium, which is about 10,000 characters long.

I hope these two examples give you a sense of the character count.