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Immersive Translate: Highly Rated Bilingual Translation Website Extension

A free-to-use translatation service for foreign language websites, PDF documents, EPUB eBook, or even to generate bilingual subtitles for videos.
Moreover, you have the freedom to select from numerous artificial intelligence engines such as OpenAI (ChatGPT), DeepL, Gemini, to translate your content.
It's also conveniently available on your smartphone, allowing you to break down information barriers anytime, anywhere. Simply choose the platform below to start your experience immediately.

Supports 10+ Translation Services

googleopenAIDeepLMicrosoftTencent SmartVolctransYoudaoBaiduNiuCaiyunTencentOpenL

Enable bilingual reading with one click, enhancing information acquisition efficiency

The term "Immersive Translate" was coined by us. Today, it has become synonymous with "bilingual contrastive translation." Since its launch in 2023, this acclaimed AI bilingual webpage translation extension has helped over a million users overcome language barriers and freely access global knowledge. We believe that breaking down language barriers promotes information equity.

Translate Website

The Immersive Translate extension intelligently identifies the main content areas of web pages to provide bilingual translations, minimizing disruption to the original page. This feature has popularized the experience of translating and reading bilingual foreign language web pages among millions of users. As a leader in the industry, Immersive Translate incorporates more than ten of the top translation engines, including DeepL, OpenAI (ChatGPT), and Google Translate. It supports the largest number of translation engines among all similar web page translation extensions both domestically and internationally.

Translate Video Subtitles in Bilingual

The Immersive Translate extension supports real-time bilingual subtitle translations on over 60 major international online video platforms, including YouTube, Netflix, and Udemy. With authentic foreign language audio paired with subtitles in both the original language and translation, you can fully understand the video content while naturally learning the language during viewing. This immersive experience subtly enhances your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Translate PDF

The Immersive Translate extension innovatively introduces a free PDF translation feature to browser plugins, allowing users to translate PDF documents while retaining their original layout. It supports the option to download either a translated-only or a bilingual version of the PDF, featuring original and translated texts side by side. Leveraging an artificial intelligence AI translation engine, whether you need to translate foreign language academic papers or multilingual business contracts, Immersive Translate delivers professional translation results with just one click.


Immersive Translate has also launched a PRO version of its PDF translation feature, powered by AI and specifically designed to handle the most complex PDF files. Academic papers filled with formulas and documents containing intricate tables and images have always presented challenges for PDF translation, often resulting in garbled text or disordered formats that are hard to read. The AI-driven PDF parsing technology ensures efficient and accurate parsing of these elements, allowing for the most professional translation of such documents while fully preserving formulas and charts.

Translate EPUB

The Immersive Translate extension has made creating bilingual EPUB eBooks easier than ever! Our one-click EPUB eBook translation tool quickly transforms your foreign-language EPUBs into beautifully formatted bilingual or single-language versions, fully compatible with all types of eBook readers. Imagine exporting an EPUB file from AO3, translating it into a bilingual version using Immersive Translate, and then importing it to your Kindle for an innovative and immersive bilingual reading experience, allowing knowledge and enjoyment to flow without boundaries.

Mouse Hover Translation

Simply hover your mouse over any paragraph on a webpage and press a preset shortcut key (such as Ctrl) to see the corresponding translation instantly appear below the paragraph. In the design philosophy of [Immersive Translation], paragraphs are considered the smallest unit, preserving their context to enhance our understanding and learning of foreign languages.

Input Box Translation

Simply type text into any input box on a webpage (e.g., "Hello World") and quickly press the space bar three times to translate the text into your target language (default is English, but customizable). This innovative interaction method works across various webpage scenarios, including search, writing, and dialogue. Complete translations instantly without leaving your current page, ensuring a seamless and smooth translation experience.

Immersive Translate, one-click to enable bilingual reading

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Don't just take our word for it, listen to what our users have to say:

I recently explored creating bilingual e-books in Chinese and English using "Immersive Translate" and found this app to be incredibly powerful. It spans all systems and platforms, allowing you to use it on any device—PC, mobile—with virtually no difference in experience across platforms.

Producer of Dailyio

Must have extension! Just found out this. No doubt it will be my must have extension. Way better than other simular choices.

Kobe Yeung
Chrome User

Bilingual translation with customizable styles is amazing—this is exactly what I wanted.

Su Shi
Chrome User

Easily the best translator. It can translate the web apps even though google translate doesn't recognise.

Chrome User

This is my first time reviewing a Chrome extension, and the overall experience has been exceptionally seamless. The name "Immersive Translate" couldn't be more apt—kudos to the developer!

Chrome User