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Translate PDF & EPUB eBooks Function Introduction

Immersion Translate provides a complimentary online service for translating PDFs and EPUB eBooks. It ensures the original document's formatting is preserved and offers the flexibility to download either bilingual comparative translations or solely the translated text.
This service is designed for a wide range of uses, including but not limited to the translation of foreign literature PDFs, academic theses, product manuals, and foreign contracts.
With access to a selection of leading translation engines, users can opt for OpenAI (ChatGPT), DeepL, Gemini, or other highly acclaimed artificial intelligence translation engines for more precise translations of specialized documents.


Enhance Understanding
Bilingual cross-referenced displays help users better understand the correspondence between the original content and the translated text, especially when learning a new language.
Increase Efficiency
Users save a lot of time and effort by not having to switch between different documents or applications to cross-reference the original text and translation.
Easy Proofreading
Translation results are displayed right beside to the original text, making it easy for users to proofread and compare and to quickly consult the original text if a translation problem may arise.
Preserve the Format
Translate PDF content to maintain that the original format is basically unchanged; on top of that, it also provides the content display size customization, making it more conducive to the acquisition of complete information.
Wide Applicability
It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as academic research, business reports, legal documents, etc., where comparative reading of both original and translated texts is particularly important.

Usage Scenarios

Academic Research
Researchers can use the software to translate foreign-language literature to better understand and cite international academic resources.
International Business
Business people can translate contracts, reports and other business documents to ensure an accurate understanding of the content of partners' documents in cross-border transactions.
Legal Practice
Lawyers or legal practitioners can translate legal documents and case materials to help with international legal matters.
Educational Learning
Students and teachers can translate textbooks, academic papers, or teaching materials to support language learning or teaching in international programs.
Travel Guide
Travelers can translate guidebooks and maps to help them better understand local information when traveling abroad.
Immigration Documents
An immigrant or refugee can translate important personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. for use in the application process.
Cultural Exchange
Translation of literary works, art criticism or historical documents to promote understanding and exchange between cultures.
Technical Manuals
Engineers and technicians can translate operating manuals and technical specifications to help them operate and maintain equipment purchased abroad.
News Media
Reporters and editors can translate foreign news stories and articles to provide readers with a broader international perspective.
Conferences and Seminars
Organizers can translate conference materials and presentations and enable participants to bridge language barriers and participate more effectively in discussions.

How to use

1. Install the plug-in.

More installation details can be found at here

2. Open the local pdf translation.

3. Drag in the local PDF file, the plug-in will be automatically bilingual cross-translation

Immersive Translate supports multiple platforms, get started now!