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How to use?

Video Tutorial


After installing the plugin, top the Immersive Translate Browser icon in the upper right corner, then click [Immersive Translate Extension Icon], then click Translate to translate:

browser action

Or, just click on the Immersive Translate shortcut icon on the right side of the page:

translate this page

Alternatively, you can right-click in a web page and select [Translate Web Page/Show Original Text] to translate it.

If you prefer shortcuts, you can also use shortcuts for translation, here is the default shortcut:

Alt+A: Translate/toggle the original text, click to translate, then click again to show the original text.

Alt+W: Translate the whole page instead of the default Smart Translate content area.

If the default shortcuts conflict with other software shortcuts, you can change them in [Settings Page - Interface Settings - Shortcut Management] of the extension, and you can set them to Alt+Q, Alt+E and so on.

Youtube Bilingual Subtitles

Open a random video , click the Immersive Translate panel, and then check [Automatically turn on bilingual subtitles] to turn it on.If the settings you have chosen do not take effect in the video, it is usually sufficient to refresh the page.

video subtitle

Epub eBook reading and bilingual exporting

Click the plugin icon -> PDF/ePub (supports Epub, Mobi and other common formats)

PDF file translation

  1. If it is an online PDF file, open it in your browser, click on the expanded icon, and then click on Translate the file, as shown below.
translate pdf
  1. If it is a local PDF file, directly right-click on the extension's icon (or left-click on the extension's icon, then click on "More" and click on "Translate Local PDF Files"), enter the page, and then click on the upper-right corner of the page to upload your PDF file.

Plugin Settings Page

Click on the extension icon in the upper right corner of the browser and click on [Settings] to enter the extension's settings page.

In the settings page we can make a series of personalized settings.

For example, in [Interface Settings], we can modify Translation Style

Translation Style

Mouse Hover Translation

Immersion supports automatic translation of a paragraph by hovering over it, but it is not enabled by default.You need to enable it in the panel:

Once enabled, you can press the Shift key while hovering over a paragraph to see the bilingual translation:

mouse hover

Input Box Enhancement

You can translate the text you want in any text input box, check out the video demo at:

Translation of subtitle files

Immersive supports .srt, .ass and other formats of subtitle file translation, click on the Immersive Translate extension icon, click [More], [Subtitle File Translation], you can access it, and you can export bilingual subtitles after translation.

Show Translations Only

Immersive Translate defaults to bilingual display mode, which is suitable for use in the vast majority of cases.However, we also understand that some users need to hide the original text in certain scenarios, in which case you can click on the Immersive Translate icon, and select [Switch to Translation Only Mode].

show translate only

Tampermonkey Settings Page

If you are using Tampermonkey, then you need to go to the Online Web Version Settings Page to set some advanced options, click the [Settings] link in the floating window to go to that page, or just click here.

Tips: Tampermonkey's floating window can be dragged to any position.

Contact Us

Welcome to Immersive Translate, if you have any questions, you can contact the development team at:

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