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Bilingual Content Sharing - Immersive Translate

Immersive Translate supports the sharing of translated bilingual content, and the sharing content can maintain the style of the source site to help people discover more quality content.


Easy to Learn
For users who are learning a language, sharing bilingual pages can help them communicate with and learn from their study partners, thus improving the efficiency of language learning.
Promote Exchanges
Users can share the translated content with friends from different language backgrounds to promote cross-cultural communication and understanding.
Save Time
Instead of having to translate the same web content again, other users can access the bilingual content directly through the shared link, saving time.
Convenient and Fast
Users can quickly share bilingual pages via social media, email or instant messenger with ease.
Content Backup
Users can save important bilingual content on other platforms to use as backup through the sharing function.

Usage Scenarios

Educational Learning
Students can share the bilingual page with their classmates or teachers so that they can compare the original text and the translation to deepen their understanding when studying a foreign language.
Travel Planning
Travelers can share travel information or tips for their destination in bilingual form to fellow travelers for easy trip planning.
News Story
News practitioners or readers can share bilingual cross-references of international news to help readers better understand what foreign media are reporting.
Social Media
Users can share interesting or important bilingual web content on social media, appealing to a wider bilingual readership.
Academic Research
Researchers can share bilingual summaries of academic papers or research reports to help their international peers quickly grasp the gist of their research.
Immigration Services
Immigration service organizations can share bilingual pages on government policies, laws and regulations to help new immigrants better understand and adapt to their new environment.

How to use

1. Install the plug-in.

More installation details can be found at here

2. Use of Immersive Translate.

3. Click Share

4. Confirm content for sharing

Immersive Translate supports multiple platforms, get started now!