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  • Kadaza - foreign Web site navigation site, easy for you to quickly browse the major mainstream Web site
  • Buzzing - A quick bilingual look at popular news from abroad
  • Digital Immigration Navigation - Navigation of foreign websites organized by Digital Immigration


  • New Yorker - The New Yorker, political and cultural reporting and commentary.
  • The Atlantic - The Atlantic, the historic magazine, "Our perception of the world is one-sided and tentative, subject to analysis, scrutiny, and revision."
  • Axios - Axios, concise, distraction-free, focused news.
  • Huffington Post - many authors, more content
  • Politico - Politico, U.S. Political Commentary and Reporting
  • The Guardian - The Guardian newspaper in the UK, free, run by donations, no pressure to make a profit.
  • Daily Telegraph - from UK
  • The Rest of the World - Tech Report
  • Boing Boing - an interesting online magazine, technology, politics, life
  • Newstatesman - New Statesman - the UK's leading progressive political and cultural magazine
  • The Intercept - The Intercept, an online media outlet founded by ebay.
  • Mcsweeneys - An Online Magazine of Humor and Satire
  • Semafor - The news article is an old format, designed for over a century of printed newspapers, but it is showing its age.Too much news - even some of today's best news - intertwines facts and analysis so closely that readers have trouble telling the difference between the two.Articles are not always honest in providing opposing viewpoints. Moreover, they are usually told from a single perspective.All of this makes it hard for time-constrained readers to believe - or even understand - the big picture.Thus, we reconstructed the story form into what we call Semaform.This format separates indisputable facts from journalists' analysis of those facts, providing a different and more comprehensive viewpoint and sharing other media's strong coverage of the topic.
  • Noema Magazine - Reflections - Publishes articles, interviews, reports, videos, and artwork on the intersection of philosophy, governance, geopolitics, economics, technology, and culture.In doing so, our unique approach is to step out of the usual realm and cross disciplinary, social segregation and cultural boundaries.From artificial intelligence and the climate crisis to the future of democracy and capitalism, Noema Magazine seeks a deeper understanding of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century.

In-depth Report

  • Grid - More in-depth opinions and reporting.
  • pudding - Pudding reports that the typography is comfortable and explains things visually.

Article Syndication

Manually maintained Reading List



  • Cal Newport - Deep Work Authors
  • List of works by New Yorker columnists
  • Tynan's Blog - About Wealth, Investing
  • [Noah] (
  • Tyler Cowen's column - Economy Related
  • Adam Grant
  • Austin Kleon - Stealing Authors Like an Artist
  • Paul Graham - YC Founder
  • Gwern - American author and researcher
  • Wait but Why - A blog hosted by Tim Urban, Wait But Why is a blog covering a wide range of topics, from science and technology to philosophy and society.The blog was founded by Tim Urban and Andrew Finn in 2013 and has since gained a huge following with over 24 million readers in 195 countries.The blog is known for its in-depth and well-researched posts, which often include hand-drawn illustrations.The blog's priority is to publish a new post every Tuesday, but they also publish the occasional smaller post.The goal of the blog is to explore the world and share knowledge in a fun and engaging way.


  • Narrative - Nonprofit organization, Moderate News Perspectives, dedicated to providing moderate positions




  • Life Hacker - Life Hacking, Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life


Read a book

  • Good Reads - The most user-friendly reading community, similar to Douban Reading
  • BookStash - Extracting the Essentials of Books, the Best of the Best



Email Subscription

  • Current Affairs
  • Inbox world - Inbox world, voting sorted high quality mailing list.
  • The Browswer - 5 Daily Recommended Articles Worth Reading
  • Inbox World - Subscription Recommendation
  • laskie - We create products and services to save your company time and make you more money. entrepreneurship related, business management related


Pass the time

Blog (loanword)

English-language media run by a Chinese team

  • Radii - Reporting on Young Chinese in English (Telling the Story of Young Chinese to the World)
  • Sixthtone - Sixthtone, China-related news from the perspective of the people involved

Chinese writing

  • The Initium News - theinitium
  • thenewslens - Critical Review, Taiwan Independent Media
  • China - History and Future - A European-based blogging platform that publishes a number of op-eds.
  • Crooked Brain - Crooked Brain is a customized news magazine for the Chinese-speaking younger generation.Crooked Brain encourages independent thinking and seeks to provide viewers and readers with an alternative way of looking at the world. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Crooked Brain was established by the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM) through a special public grant, and all of its content is independently produced and edited.
  • Matters - UGG community with content hosted on the blockchain, founded by Jieping Zhang, former editor-in-chief of End Media.


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