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A free, good, no-nonsense, revolutionary, acclaimed, AI-powered, bilingual web page translation extension to help you effectively break the information gap, available on your phone!


  • Immersive reading of foreign language websites By intelligently recognizing the main content area of a web page and translating it bilingually, Immersive Translate provides a new foreign language reading experience, hence the name "Immersive Translate".
  • Powerful Input Box Translator turns the input box on any web page into a multi-language translator, instantly unlocking bilingual real-time conversations with Google Search, ChatGPT and more.
  • Efficient document translation One-click export of bilingual eBooks, while supporting real-time bilingual translation of PDF, subtitle, TXT and other documents.
  • Innovative Hover Translation Simply hover your mouse over any paragraph of any web page and the corresponding translation will immediately appear below the paragraph.Paragraphs are considered the smallest unit in the design concept of Immersive Translate, retaining their context so that we can truly understand and learn the foreign language.
  • Deeply customized and optimized for mainstream websites Optimized for Google, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and other mainstream websites, whether it's searching, socializing, or getting information, it's all smoother and more efficient.
  • All Platform Support In addition to major desktop browsers, mobile devices can enjoy the same Immersive Translate experience.Bilingual social media browsing on iOS Safari, Android Kiwi Browser and other mobile browsers such as Twitter, Reddit and more.
  • Supports 10+ Translation Services In Immersive Translate, you can choose from over 10 translation services such as Deepl, OpenAI, Microsoft Translate, Google Translate, Tencent Translate, and more, and the list is growing.

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This extension is free to use, I hope you can easily, pleasantly and elegantly access the rich foreign language information on the Internet, do not let the language become a barrier ❤️

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Use Cases


Desktop Browser

If you can't access the official Google Store, you can directly download the Latest Immersive Translate Chrome zip installer, after downloading, please first Unzip it to a folder you usually use, then type:chrome://extensions in the address bar to open the extension management window, then enable "Developer Mode", select "Load Unzipped Extensions", and choose the folder you just unzipped and loaded. Select the folder you just extracted and load it.


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Instructions:After the first installation, you need to enable the Immersive Translate extension in safari -> Manage Extensions -> Enable Immersive Translate Extension and grant it Always Allow Access to All Websites, if you have any questions, you can check out the video tutorial


Click to download Immersive Translate Android Browser, after downloading, you need to enable [Immersive Translate] manually in [Extensions], please check the following tutorial:

Description:Immersive Translate Browser is built based on Firefox's official Android browser, only the Immersive Translate extension is added to the list of Firefox's original extensions, and all other features are the same as Firefox's! It is built on Firefox's original list of extensions, all other features are the same as Firefox, source code open source here

You can also try installing Immersive Translate with other Android browsers, such as those that support Firefox extensions or Chrome extensions, such as

Once installed, search for Immersive Translate directly in the add-ons / chrome store to install it.

Installation via Tampermonkey

If you can't install the official extension for Immersive Translate in the above way (we recommend using the official extension for better performance and more features), you can install Tampermonkey in the following way:

Tampermonkey Address:

Open this address in a browser that has the Grease Monkey extension installed to install it.Using Android Firefox as an example:

  1. Download Firefox Latest Version Version
  2. Find Tamper Monkey in Firefox's recommended add-ons and install it.
  3. Install Tampermonkey for this extension (open this link in your Firefox browser to see the installation page)
  4. After installation, open any web page and the floating window icon of the Immersive Translate extension will appear on the right side.

Sponsorship Description

We are no longer in need of financial support at this time, but you can still help by doing these things:

You can still do these things to help us now:

In just the past five months, Immersive Translate has helped 400,000 users get into the habit of looking at information in a foreign language, which is a testament to the critical role a good tool can play in breaking down information barriers.Thanks to everyone who has helped with Immersive Translate in the past, we will continue to bring the Immersive Translate experience to more people, so that more people can enjoy the dividends of the technology.