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Editor's Picks

Vocabulary Book

Relingo automatically highlights and translates words based on the difficulty level and vocabulary preferences you set. When browsing web pages, you only need to focus on the words you are unfamiliar with and reinforce your memory in different contexts.

The CWS (Chinese Word Separator) is a versatile tool that assists in learning Chinese through reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and facilitates the search for Chinese words and phrases on web pages, enhancing learning efficiency. It offers a range of features such as pinyin annotation, tone display, and the ability to adjust the size and font of characters, making it suitable for both Chinese learners and native Chinese speakers learning English.

Research Tools

  • Scholarscope Plugin
    • It can automatically load PubMed journal information to help users filter useful journals and read literature efficiently.
    • Implements page sorting, filtering, or using advanced search queries for retrieval.
    • Adds literature download links, allowing one-click downloads of literature even when off-campus.
    • Provides simple note-taking features: tagging, commenting, highlighting, enabling straightforward literature management.

Currency Conversion

  • Universal Automatic Currency Converter extension
    • Supports over 170 types of currencies and their symbolic equivalents, obtaining exchange rates from and
    • Smart currency detection, capturing everything from most (if not all) symbols, from dollars, pounds, and euros to euros, dollars, pounds to "dollars"

Word Highlighting