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I'm very happy to have received numerous positive comments (and tons of suggestions for improvement) since the release of this extension, so let's hear what users of the Immersive Translate extension have to say~!

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It's too good to be true!!!Perfect for those like me who happen to know a little English but still prefer to read it quickly in Chinese!You can see the original text and compare it if you are not sure, but 99% of the places are good enough Also, OPENAI's translation speed is still too slow, and speedy players are more suitable for Google Translate - Chrome users!

It works really well and most web formats are compatible and supported.Displaying bilingualism allows you to see the original English text and learn how specialized words are expressed, while avoiding small translation errors.This plugin has helped me a lot, thanks a lot! - Chrome users

It's great, supports many translation services, and the implementation is very elegant Google Translate is perfectly adequate, in philosophy books, the translation standard is fully comparable to the professional direction of the first year of study, especially in the case of Chinese-English bilingual basically won't have too many problems; German-Chinese feel DeepL is better. - Chrome users

Recommended English translation tool I use:Immersive bilingual web page translation extension.I used to use Chrome's own webpage translation feature, which had two drawbacks:It doesn't take context and turns over the wrong words; and it translates the kind of very long, convoluted clauses in legal text, which turns out to be basically unintelligible.Now I'm using Chinese-English to solve the two problems above.-@Ni Shuang

Perfect bilingual translation plugin, greatly enhance the reading experience of foreign language books and articles, highly recommended! - Edge Browser Users

Superb, definitely the best translation plugin so far, bar none!Everything is as imagined!It works much better than those that charge to use it! - Edge Browser Users

Highly recommend this web page translation plug-in, and other plug-ins to translate the entire web page compared to the advantages of this plug-in can be displayed at the same time bilingual, Chinese and English, free to use.It is also very easy to read the book against the translation with any epub online reading site.Translation services such as Deepl are also supported.Developed by @OwenYoungZh - @viggo

A very awesome browser page flip plugin: Immersive Bilingual Web Translation Extension -Immersive Translate, intelligently recognizes the main content area of a web page to enhance the reading experience of the translated text, supports 10+ common translation services such as Deepl, Google, etc. - @A Sister Share

Special effects for translations are the highlight of the class - Edge Browser Users

It works well!!You can translate the whole web page and still keep the original text, the translation is fast and accurate, love it!Thanks to the developers! - Edge Browser Users

Very, very good, bilingual translations are so much better than single translations - Chrome User

Unbelievably good.It even supports pdf! - Firefox users

Just the translation plugin I was looking for to easily compare translations with the original.I had been using ******* before, but the quality of the translation was not too satisfactory, and the Immersive Translate allows you to change the translation service, which solves my pain point. - Chrome users

This bilingual cross-referenced translation is by far the best, separating one paragraph from another, rather than mixing in the original text like other translations, which are really hard to read.Support for more translation engines.I give it full marks, keep up the good work! - Chrome users

I've been using chrome's own translation until google translate didn't work in chrome and I've been looking for a replacement, finally I found this one, it works very well and surpasses the included translation. - Chrome users

I've always imagined an extension with this kind of functionality, and finally I've come across it.Eliminates the need to frequently switch between the translation and the original text. - Chrome users

Reading English books on, say, O'Reilly with this is fantastic, and I've been trying to find a translation plugin that can read between English and Chinese, both for speed and (in case of machine translation inaccuracies) for accuracy of comprehension. - Chrome users

The 1st time I used this plugin, I was amazed that it was a godsend.Beyond all the translation plugins used before.This model of segmental translation is innovative and bilingual, with a variety of translation styles to choose from.It has two translation modes, Intelligent Translation and Full Domain Translation.Intelligent translation, like pure, clean can use this mode, suitable for reading articles, reading, it only translates the main content area of the web page.Full Domain Translation:All areas of the web page are translated, and the translation can feel a bit messy afterward, but it's still better than similar translation software.Before the whole page translation plugin on the market, almost all of them are full domain translation, after translation, very messy, it this is much better.I used to use other translation plugins, and I was confused when I looked at the translation, but now I can almost always read and understand the meaning after translation. - Chrome users

Good review I've been using the Double Happy + Web Translator script combo for bilingual cross-referencing translations on safari before, and this plugin does it directly, it's simply outstanding!! - Tampermonkey Users