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Volcano translation

Brief Statement

  1. Official Website:Machine Translation - Volcano Engine
  2. Official tariff description:Product Billing Machine Translation - Volcano Engine
  3. Volcano Translator is free for the first 2 million characters per month, and will charge $49 per million characters for the exceeding portion, please check the official tariff document for details.

Application Steps

  1. API Access Process Overview Machine Translation - Volcano Engine, follow the official guidance to complete the three steps of registering an account, real-name authentication, and opening services.It needs to be done from the console, Volcano Engine Console
  2. In the fourth step of getting the key, the Volcano Engine provides two options:
    1. Continue to create (using the main account to create the key, more convenient, this key can call the main account resources, less secure), select "Continue to create", the table will appear in a new data, which contains the "Access Key ID" and "Secret Access Key" we want to use. "and "Secret Access Key".
    2. Go to create a new subuser (it is recommended to use subuser to create the key for more security), get the "Access Key ID" and "Secret Access Key", this subaccount must have the TranslateFullAccess permission.
  3. Open Basic Settings - Translation Services for Immersive Translate and find the Volcano Translation option to fill in.
  4. Done 🎉, if you have any doubts, please give feedback here.