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colorful clouds and small translations

Brief Statement

  1. Official website:Color Cloud Technology Open Platform
  2. Official Introduction:Five minutes to learn Colorful Cloud Small Translation API
  3. The official description of:translation free quota is 1 million words, valid for 1 month, if you exceed 1 million words per month, we will charge you at the rate of 39 yuan / 1 million words.(Words are counted as characters in the translated original, including spaces and punctuation)

Application Steps

  1. Complete developer certification:Login to ColorCloud Open Platform, go to My Account - Developer Information Fill in developer information, account type Select "Individuals and Non-profit Organizations", and write your personal name, organization name, contact name and contact phone number.
  2. Application category selects Color Cloud Small Translation API, application name fills in immersive-translate, application link fills in immersive-translate, and application development fills in Browser Extensions, Developed.
  3. Fill in the completion of the click on the submit button, color cloud small translation will review the information you submit, usually within two working days will be reviewed and approved.
  4. After approval, go to the My Tokens - Token list, check your "Token", and fill in this extension with this Token.
  5. Done 🎉 If you have any doubts, please give feedback here.