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Get the official DeepL API via DeepL

  1. Official Introduction:DeepL API

  2. Why choose DeepL?

    • English ⇄ Chinese 5x more accurate
    • English ⇄ Japanese 6x more accurate
    • Translation engine based on artificial intelligence technology (neural networks)
  3. The Deepl API is divided into Free API and Pro API

    • The Free API provides 500,000 free characters per month.
    • The official fee for the Pro API is:$25 per 1 million characters.
    • For a high-frequency user, the amount of characters consumed in a month is about 10 million characters, and the price is about:250 USD
  4. To register for an account and open the DeepL API.

common problems

1. The filled-in key is not available.

DeepL API Pro and DeepL Pro are two kinds of accounts, the Auth Key that can be used in Immersive Translate is the DeepL API account, please click here for DeepL API Pro developer)

2. Deepl Free API Prompt 401 No Privilege

Deepl Free API keys all end in :fx, anything else is not a Free API key.

3. 456, Quota for user has been reached.

Usage has exceeded DeepL's official hard limit cap per user, you may have violated DeepL's fair use policy and are advised to avoid such behavior.If you are a paid subscriber, the usage will be automatically reset next month.