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How do I translate the contents of an input box?

Version 0.6.2+ support, after typing Chinese in any input box, quickly hit the space bar 3 times to translate the input box into English.

It is suggested to trigger translation on the PC by configuring Shortcut Keys of Enhanced Input Box.

Translation into other languages

ja Enter English here to translate to Japanese, and fr Enter English here to translate to French. Other languages are similar, please see all language codes below

Partial translation only

"Hello world" -> "Hello //world" translation -> "Hello 世界"


Common Language Commands:


For other language codes see here


  • Browsers known to be explicitly unsupported:

  • Android Kiwi Browser (optimization is underway as it is not possible to listen to mobile input events in this browser)

  • Android Lemur Browser (not able to listen to mobile input events in this browser, optimization is being studied)

  • Arc Browser

  • Android is currently only supported by Firefox testing

  • Pages known to be explicitly unsupported:

    • Browser default page
    • Baidu search
    • Lark Document
    • Notion Documentation
    • NewBing Chat Conversations
    • Web Address Bar
    • Gmail
    • Input boxes for third-party plug-ins
    • Chrome Web Store Input Box
  • The rest are theoretically supported, e.g.:

    • Google Search
    • Twitter
    • Discord
    • Telegram
    • Chatgpt
    • Bard
    • Github
    • ...

Other special cases

  • Qura's reply box spaces don't translate!

This is because the qura reply box can't enter more than 2 spaces, so you need to go to the input box settings to modify the default trigger symbol to other

Common Problems

  • Input box not responding

Language Code

All language codes are as follows:

  • Afrikaans, af, Afrikaans
  • Amharic, am, Amharic
  • Arabic, ar, Arabic
  • Detect Language, auto, Detect Language
  • Azerbaijani, az, Azerbaijani
  • Belarusian, be, Belarusian
  • Bulgarian, bg, Bulgarian
  • Zena, tn, Zana
  • Bengali, bn, Bengali
  • Bosnian, bs, Bosnian
  • Catalan, ca, Catalan
  • Cebuano, ceb, Cebuano
  • Corsican, co, Corsican
  • Czech, cs, Czech
  • Welsh, cy, Welsh
  • Danish, da, Danish
  • German, de, German
  • Greek, el, Greek
  • English, en, English
  • Esperanto, eo, Esperanto
  • Spanish, es, Spanish
  • Estonian, et, Estonian
  • Basque, eu, Basque
  • Persian, fa, Farsi
  • Finnish, fi, Finnish
  • Filipino, fil, Filipino
  • Fijian, fj, Fijian
  • French, fr, French
  • Frisian, fy, Frisian
  • Irish, ga, Irish
  • Scottish Gaelic, gd, Scottish Gaelic
  • Galician, gl, Galician
  • Gujarati, gu, Gujarati
  • Hausa, ha, Hausa
  • Hawaiian, haw, Hawaiian
  • Hebrew, he, Hebrew
  • Hindi, hi, Hindi
  • Mongolian, hmn, Hmong
  • Croatian, hr, Croatian
  • Haitian Creole, ht, Haitian Creole
  • Hungarian, hu, Hungarian
  • Armenian, hy, Armenian
  • Indonesian, id, Indonesian
  • Igbo, ig, Igbo
  • Icelandic, is, Icelandic
  • Italian, it, Italian
  • Japanese, ja, 日本語
  • Javanese, jw, Javanese
  • Georgian, ka, Georgian
  • Kazakh, kk, Kazakh
  • Khmer, km, Khmer
  • Kannada, kn, Kannada
  • Korean, ko, Korean
  • Kurdish, ku, Kurdish
  • Kyrgyz, ky, Kyrgyz
  • Latin, la, Latin
  • Luxembourgish, lb, Luxembourgish
  • Lao, lo, Lao
  • Lithuanian, lt, Lithuanian
  • Latvian, lv, Latvian
  • Malagash, mg, Malagash
  • Maori, mi, Maori
  • Macedonian, mk, Macedonian
  • Malayalam, ml, Malayalam
  • Mongolian, mn, Mongolian
  • Marathi, mr, Marathi
  • Malay, ms, Malay
  • Maltese, mt, Maltese
  • Bai Miao, mww, Bai Miao
  • Burmese, my, Burmese
  • Nepali, ne, Nepali
  • Dutch, nl, Dutch
  • Norwegian, no, Norwegian
  • Chichewa, ny, Nyanza (Chichewa)
  • Otomi, otq, Querétaro Otomi
  • Punjabi, pa, Punjabi
  • Polish, pl, Polish
  • Pashto, ps, Pashto
  • Portuguese, pt, Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)
  • Romanian, ro, Romanian
  • Russian, ru, Russian
  • Sindhi, sd, Sindhi
  • Sinhala, si, Sinhala
  • Slovak, sk, Slovak
  • Slovenian, sl, Slovenian
  • Samoan, sm, Samoan
  • Shona, sn, Shona
  • Somali, so, Somali
  • Albanian, sq, Albanian
  • Serbian, sr, Serbian
  • Serbian (Cyrillic), sr-Cyrl, Serbian (Cyrillic)
  • Serbian (Latin), sr-Latn, Serbian (Latin)
  • Sesotho, st, Sesotho
  • Sundanese, su
  • Swedish, sv, Swedish
  • Swahili, sw, Swahili
  • Tamil, ta, Tamil
  • Telugu, te, Telugu
  • Tajik, tg, Tajik
  • Thai, th, Thai
  • Klingon, tlh, Klingon
  • Klingon (piqaD), tlh-Qaak, Klingon (piqaD)
  • Tongan, to, Tongan
  • Turkish, tr, Turkish
  • Tahitian, ty, Tahiti
  • Uyghur, ug, Uyghur
  • Ukrainian, uk, Ukrainian
  • Urdu, ur, Urdu
  • Uzbek, uz, Uzbek
  • Vietnamese, vi, Vietnamese
  • Literary language, wyw, Literary language
  • Bantu, xh, Bantu
  • Yiddish, yi, Yiddish
  • Yoruba, yo, Yoruba
  • Yucatan Mayan, yua, Yucatan Mayan
  • Cantonese (Traditional), yue, Cantonese (Traditional)
  • Chinese (Simplified), zh-CN, Chinese (Simplified)
  • Traditional Chinese, zh-TW, Traditional Chinese
  • Zulu, zu, Zulu