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Updated on: April 15, 2024

Data Collection and Usage

  • We collect information related to your usage of our app, such as the frequency of use and the features you utilize. This data is aggregated and does not identify you personally.
  • When you log into our account system, we require your email address. This will serve as your unique identifier, login name, and method for password recovery.
  • To provide you with better services, we also collect information about your country or region based on your IP address.
  • We use Google Analytics to collect non-personal identification information.

Data Sharing Situation

  • We will not share your personal data with third-party vendors or partners, except as required by law.
  • When you use our PDF document translation service provided to members, the PDF files you upload will be securely transmitted to our third-party service provider, Mathpix, for processing. This processing involves extracting the document content and generating machine-readable text necessary for translation. Throughout this process, we strictly adhere to the principle of data minimization, transmitting only the necessary files, and require Mathpix to employ industry-standard security measures to protect your documents. Once Mathpix completes the processing, the extracted content will be returned to us for generating your translation results. We will not use your original PDF or the extracted text for any other purposes, nor will we sell or share them with any third parties.
  • Our app uses third-party translation services, which may collect some data to improve the quality of their services.

Deletion of your data

You can request deletion of your data at any time by contact us at [email protected]. We will evaluate such requests on a case by case basic. We may keep some of your data for as long as reasonably necessary for our legitimate business interests, including fraud detection and prevention and to comply with our legal obligations including tax, legal reporting, and auditing obligations. Sometimes, your request will only be satisfied by closing your account.

You have the ability to delete your Account, and you should understand that upon deletion of your Account, you will lose the right to access or use all or part of Immersive Translate.

  • By using our app, you agree with the collection and use of your data as described in this policy.

About the Mobile Application

  • The mobile application Immersive Translate is developed based on Firefox. In addition to adhering to the aforementioned terms of this agreement, please refer to Mozilla's privacy policy for Firefox Browser at Firefox Privacy Notice.
  • Immersive Translate uses Adjust to deliver and analyze ad campaigns. The Adjust SDK collects non-personally identifiable data that cannot be used to directly identify users, including device identifiers (IMEI, Android ID, OAID), ad impressions, and clicks. For more information about Adjust, please visit the Adjust Web Site and Adjust Privacy Policy.

Explanation of Permissions for Safari Extensions

When you enable the Immersive Translation extension in the Safari browser, you will see a permission prompt stating: "This extension can read, modify sensitive information, including credit card details, etc." We understand this may cause concern, so we want to provide some background information and our commitment to your privacy:

1. What does this prompt mean?

This prompt is informing you that our translation extension needs permission to read and modify webpage content to provide translation services while you are browsing. This means the extension will see and process the text you are viewing and then translate it into the language you have specified.

Regarding "sensitive information": Technically, the extension does have the capability to read all content on a webpage, including sensitive data you may enter. However, in reality, our translation extension focuses solely on converting text from one language to another and does not "pay attention to" or "collect" your personal information, such as credit card details.

2. Why does only Safari show this prompt, while other browsers (such as Chrome, Edge) do not?

This is mainly because different browsers have different privacy protection policies and prompting mechanisms. Safari prefers to inform users about all possible permission requests in advance, even if these permissions may only be used in a very limited way in practice. Chrome, on the other hand, might consider it unnecessary to prompt if the developers of an extension have already declared how they use these permissions.

Safari's approach is to ensure that users are fully aware of any extensions they install, even if such permissions may only be used in extreme cases or not at all.

3. How do we use these permissions?

The permission to access and modify webpage content allows our extension to translate the webpages you see from one language to another. Both in Safari and Chrome, we deeply understand the importance of privacy and commit to not requesting additional permissions unless absolutely necessary. We encourage all users, whether you are using Safari or Chrome, to read our privacy policy for a deeper understanding of how we collect, use, and protect your data. Our policy clearly outlines our commitment to and practices regarding user privacy.

If you have any questions or need consultation about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].